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What to Do When an Insurance Company Refuses to Pay? | Nourmand Legal | Accident Attorneys

What to Do When an Insurance Company Refuses to Pay?

At one point or other, we are all likely to be involved in a traffic accident, if we haven’t already. Accidents can be stressful, and sometimes traumatic and devastating. It might be your fault or the other drivers’ fault, but insurance companies will be on the scene. If the accident was the other’s drivers’ fault, then his insurance company should cover the costs of your injuries, as well as repair your car or compensate you for its value so you can replace it. Unfortunately, there are times when even if you have a valid claim, the other drivers’ insurance company refuses to pay. And in this case, you will definitely want to hire a lawyer. Some insurance companies are slow in paying out benefits but will eventually settle the claim.

Meanwhile, other insurance companies may deny the claim and decline to pay. ¿What can you do in this situation? The following are ways to motivate the insurance company to settle and resolve the claim.

  • Ask for an explanation. The insurance company won’t look at your car until they have the other driver’s version of events. If the insurance company denies the claim and you have evidence that shows that you were not at fault, contact them and provide all the evidence such as recorded statements, police report and eyewitness accounts that support your position. If you don’t make any progress, ask the insurer to explain as to how it believes the accident occurred.


  • Use Your Policy. You may be able to get compensated for damages under your policy from your insurance company if the other driver’s insurer does not cooperate. If your policy includes the collision coverage, your car insurance company should be able to pay the claim. Your insurance company will then pursue the process of subrogation, where it recovers part or all of the claim expenses from the other insurance company.


  • File a Lawsuit. You may also resort to filing a lawsuit to make the insurance company compensate you. This will require you to hire an insurance lawyer. An insurance lawyer is capable of making you receive a settlement or judgment in your favor by presenting a valid case.


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