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Are the Newest Cars the Safest Cars?

Car safety has changed greatly over the years, and today, new cars are much safer than those manufactured in the past. Thanks to advanced engineering, and thorough investigation and analysis of frequent accidents, newer vehicles are better manufactured and have much safer features to protect you. The advanced technologies that have been developed in recent years even give you more options to decide and choose which features you want to stay safer while driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been involved in the development of vehicle safety improvements for several decades, setting and reinforcing safety standards.

Some of the improvements that have been developed over the years are those related to:

        Seatbelts. The advanced three-point safety system includes a tensioner that pulls the belt and prevents it from hanging during a crash.

        Airbags. The airbags have undergone several changes since they were invented in 1950, to prevent them from injuring or killing drivers and passengers when they were activated. Since 1987, airbags have saved more than 50,000 lives.

        Electronic Stability Control. Losing control of a vehicle is never good, and now these systems help you keep that from happening. These use automatic computer controls that cause automatic tire braking to help you maintain stability.

        Rear cameras. A video system in the back of your vehicle that helps you avoid collisions with objects or people that can be found behind you.

        Blind spot detection. This technology was developed as a result of those accidents that were caused because the driver could not see what was next to his car as a result of the blind spot. This system sends an alert message to the driver in case it is not safe to change lanes.

        Driver Assistance.

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