Under the law, a catastrophic injury is any injury that precludes the victim from securing gainful employment in the future.

Catastrophic injuries include but are not limited to brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and internal organ injuries. Catastrophic injuries can occur as the result of nearly any type of accident but are most common following automobile accidents. Catastrophic injury cases are different than standard personal injury cases because the victim will require a lifetime of care and compensation. Since the victim can no longer work, their financial support will have to come from somewhere else.

How we handle catastrophic injury cases

Our first step in any catastrophic injury case will be to prove that gainful employment is no longer a reasonable possibility for the victim. This will help us to fight for not only lost wages, but for lost future wages as well. Catastrophic injury is completely life-altering, and we do not want the victims to ever have to worry about how they will survive financially. Therefore, we will fight not only for compensation, but for punitive damages as well. We promise to do our best to help you live a comfortable new life with your injury.

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What you should know about handling a catastrophic injury case

In personal injury cases, the goal is to restore you to your previous state of health. With catastrophic injury cases, the victims will never be the same again. Considering this, there are several unique things that all victims and family members of victims should understand:

  • Insurance settlements are always designed to pay you less than you deserve. Never sign a settlement without consulting an attorney first.
  • Do not let someone convince you to “buck up” and get back to work. If you are unable then you are unable, and we will help to establish financial security for your future.