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Collisions Involving Bicycles and Vehicles Have Decreased in Los Angeles | Nourmand Legal | Accident Attorneys

Collisions Involving Bicycles and Vehicles Have Decreased in Los Angeles

Cycling around the city of Los Angeles can be quite a challenge, due to the massive amount of traffic in the city. Many efforts have been made to make cyclists safer and safer when traveling on our roads. Although, according to figures from the Los Angeles Police Department, bicycle-vehicle accidents have decreased, much remains to be done.

Last year’s decline left us with 1,953 vehicle-bicycle crashes, the lowest in the past seven years. Within this figure, however, there were 18 fatalities, compared to 20 deaths the year before.

Tremendous efforts have been made so that – following the Vision Zero program – we have many more miles of bike lanes in the city, approximately 1,172 have been created. Work has also been done to raise awareness among drivers to slow down on our roads.

It would seem that these two factors are giving results since ten of the central neighborhoods that presented this problem have seen a decrease in this type of accident. Venice has seen reduced collisions between vehicles and bicycles the most by 13%.

But not all neighborhoods have these results. Van Nuys was where they found the most dangerous intersection in the county of Los Angeles, which experienced a 22% increase.

Downtown is the most populated and congested in the city, and vehicle-bicycle crashes here have increased by 1% compared to last year.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), California is the most dangerous state in the country for cyclists. So we still have a long way to go.

We must continue to insist on safety measures for both drivers and cyclists. If you are one of the people who like to travel by bicycle, take greater control of your safety by following all the safety guidelines you know, and being proactive. Please don’t wait for the vehicle to do so, see a step ahead of them. Always use the bike lanes, stay visible, and be alert. Let’s help prevent these accidents.

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