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Does Los Angeles have a hit and run epidemic?

Accidents in which the responsible person is on the run are increasing. Most of the time, this occurs when a driver hits another moving motorist, a parked car, a pedestrian, a cyclist or a motorcyclist, and flees with the aim of not being identified and, therefore, not facing the consequences of their negligence.

The figures are alarming: more than 20,000 “hit and run” accidents occur in the city of Los Angeles every year, which means 50% of all incidents that occur are accidents of this type. While it is true that not everyone has fatal consequences, we find situations in which the family does not understand what exactly happened, and their life changes when faced with the loss of a loved one.

The reasons for this epidemic are diverse: driving while intoxicated or under the influence of some substance, driving in a distracted way, not obeying traffic rules, speeding, not giving way, and other negligent behavior.

How can a person run away without helping another who has just hurt?

Unfortunately, we find drivers who do not have any insurance or who have insufficient coverage in case of accidents, and who decide to avoid the cost and responsibility to prevent facing the laws and consequences of losing their privileges as drivers. In other cases, we can find situations of undocumented people who fear being detected by law enforcement and being involved in an even more significant problem. And we can also find a simple and plain civil irresponsibility that does not meet the obligation of care that must be observed when driving a vehicle.

In an attempt to stop these situations, the City Council has legislation in which you can offer up to $ 50,000 in reward to anyone who can provide information.

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