When in doubt, consult an attorney. Insurance companies take advantage of individuals acting alone, so the best way to protect yourself is to get an experienced professional on your side. We do client intake 24 hours a day, so if you are involved in an accident, or if you were involved in an accident in the recent past and do not know how to take the next steps, call us to consult. We are here for you.
This will depend on the specifics of your personal injury case. Generally speaking, victims of personal injury accidents are entitled to both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages refer to medical costs, lost wages, future lost wages, and vehicle repair. Non-economic damages compensate for things that cannot be measured. Things like pain and suffering and loss of companionship. The details of your case will dictate which type of damages you will be able to collect. We fight hard to get the maximum compensation for all of our clients.
Many victims of personal injury accidents have a tendency to blame themselves. For example, in slip and fall accidents many victims experience embarrassment, and convince themselves that they should have been paying more attention. But the reality is that any unsafe conditions that result in an accident are due to someone else’s negligence. A property manager who leaves their floor slippery is behaving negligently. A speeding driver is behaving negligently, and a workplace that fails to provide safety equipment is behaving negligently. If you are at all unsure about your situation, call us to discuss. We are understanding and knowledgable, and we can help you to build a case.
Most of our cases are handled out of court, but a court appearance is a possibility. If your case progresses to that level, we will be with you every step of the way. We will explain the process, coach you through what is required of you, and support you along the journey. With Nourmand Legal on your side, you are never alone. We will do whatever it takes to help you secure maximum compensation for your personal injury.

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