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How to Handle Aggressive Drivers

It would seem that today, everyone is in a hurry to reach their destination. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is; it can be on weekdays, weekends, vacations, or even holidays. The time doesn’t matter much either, but of course, impatience manifests itself more when it’s time to get to work or when it is time to go home.

The truth is that in this constant coming and going of drivers, we find more and more people who drive aggressively, who are speeding, or who do not obey traffic signals, turning our streets and highways into perfect scenarios for accidents.

Unfortunately, crashes caused by outbursts of drivers and road rage are on the rise. And who hasn’t come across a driver who drives aggressively? Whether it’s tailgating your car, cursing and verbally assaulting other drivers left and right, honking the horn as if his/her hand was stuck to it, or making hostile hand gestures.

Sounds familiar, uh? Meeting one of these drivers can be an absolute nightmare. And when driving and anger come together, it is challenging to reason with this type of person. Here are some tips you can follow if you run into one of these “steering wheel monsters”:

  • If a driver starts to drive very close to the back of your car and starts to honk incessantly, you should step aside and let him/her pass. Hopefully, you will avoid an accident, and the aggressive driver will continue on his/her way, leaving you alone.
  • If a driver starts verbally assaulting you or making obscene hand gestures towards you or other drivers, just ignore him/her. Don’t respond or try to teach him a lesson by turning back the bullying or doing something reckless. Some drivers may have a gun inside their cars, which you definitely do not want to deal with. 
  • Stay away from the aggressive driver and, if possible, pull over. If the driver does not leave you alone, call 911 to report the driver and remain in your car with the locks and the doors closed.
  • Breathe and think that sometimes people may have an emergency that can explain their behavior.

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