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How to prepare for a consultation with a lawyer

When hiring an attorney it’s important to make the right choice. In addition to being someone you feel comfortable with, knowing their experience in this area, their success rate, and how they will handle your situation will help you make a good decision.

Here are some tips for an initial consultation with an attorney. Following these steps will not only benefit you in knowing what to ask but will also help the attorney have a clearer picture of your situation.

How to prepare for an initial consultation


· Gather and take with you all the documents you have. Documents such as medical reports, police reports, repair bills, doctors’ and hospital bills, etc. If possible, make copies of all this information so the attorney can keep them or for you to have your own file.

· Have your questions and concerns ready. Write down all your doubts and concerns in a notebook before your appointment. Questions such as evidence you will need, strength of your case, type of claim, etc.

· Talk to your lawyer about his strategy to follow. It is important to know what strategies your lawyer will use and what are the steps to follow. This will help you learn more about their experience handling these cases, as well as what to expect every step of the way. Ask about possible settlements with the responsible party, and whether the case should go to court. In this part it is very important that you feel comfortable, not only with your lawyer’s plans, but also with the way of communicating with you and explaining things clearly.

· Fees. Most attorneys who specialize in the area of ​​personal injury work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not have to pay anything up front, until they have won your case or reached a favorable settlement for you. Your fees will be a percentage of the compensation you obtain, it is important that this percentage is clear and that it is previously agreed by both parties.

· Listen to your lawyer. Once you have decided to hire an attorney, listen to their instructions and be sure to follow them. Remember that from that moment on, they will be directing the situation and taking care of your best interests at all times.


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