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How to stay safe when cycling in the city

Riding a bicycle has become increasingly popular. The positive impact on the environment and its health benefits are one of the main reasons people have decided to opt for this practical means of transportation. Many cities have cared about the safety of urban cyclists; however, your safety depends on you if you fall into this group.

Having to take care of ourselves as we move can prevent us from choosing a bicycle as our method of transportation. Intersections, traffic, among many other things, can be a cause for a scare. However, some measures increase safety and comfort when riding a bicycle.

There are some golden rules for basic cyclist safety. One of them is that you must, at all times, keep yourself protected with the right equipment. Under no circumstances should you decide to ride your bike without wearing a helmet.

While riding your bike, you should behave in a way that vehicle drivers understand and consider predictable: act like a vehicle. Not changing lanes suddenly is a perfect example. Visibility is also crucial; this is why, if you drive at night, it is advisable to wear reflective clothing and lights.

Walking and driving vehicles in the city require uninterrupted concentration, and riding a bicycle is no exception. Keeping all your senses alert is essential, so you should not use your phone or headphones. Also, be aware of your path by watching before crossing and informing drivers that you will be turning a certain way. On the other hand, staying focused will guarantee that you can always overcome all the obstacles that can appear in your way, which are not usually numerous but are statistically probable.

Before leaving, you must check the condition of your bike. Not only in terms of its composition and possible flaws but, for example, is it comfortable enough? You can answer this if you drive it as a “test” in less-traveled areas.

At Nourmand, we don’t skimp on providing you with information that can keep you safe in any condition, anywhere. We hope you take these steps and can ride your bike to work or anywhere you want with ease.

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