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Know the Difference Between Slip & Fall and Trip & Fall Accidents

Slipping and tripping are not the same things, nor do they have the same consequences. In general, when we slip, it is because there is some liquid or substance on the surface we are walking on, which causes our feet to slip involuntarily, making us lose our balance. We can slip on water, cleaning fluids, liquid food, etc., and it can happen in an establishment, on the street, or in our own home.

When we trip, it tends to happen because our foot gets stuck in some object or uneven surface in front of us. We may stumble upon a stool, broom, mop, or sidewalk that has an uneven surface. Just as we see in the examples that the two actions are different, the injuries that our bodies can suffer are also different, depending on how we fall.

In a slip and fall accident, our feet can fly upwards, our legs can part at an unusual angle, and we can land right on our back, hitting our head as well. These types of falls can cause severe injuries since the body is propelled backward, and depending on the speed we are walking, we can suffer damage that can range from severe contusions and head trauma to fractures in the neck or spine.

On the contrary, when we trip, we tend to fall forward, and it is more common to injure our hands, elbows, knees, wrists, and face. Depending on the movements we made while falling in an attempt to avoid it.

In any of these accidents, we have to consider the following factors:

  • Whatever obstacle caused the slip or trip, it shouldn’t have been there. This is where we have to consider premises liability. The owners and/or managers of shops, restaurants, hotels, etc., have a duty of care towards their visitors and must ensure that there are no dangers on the property that could endanger their physical integrity. And that, if there were any, they have sufficient signalization to prevent visitors from such risks.
  • Whatever the type of accident you have had, it is important that you take pictures of your injuries and keep a record of all medical expenses that have resulted from your accident.

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