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Learn About Metro’s Early Recommendations to Improve Mobility During California’s Reopening

The Metro Workforce has recommended early actions that the agency must take to be more effective. In them, we find immediate response measures to address health and safety priorities while gradually returning to normal.

The recommendations from Metro are as follows:

1. Conduct user surveys – This will help project how many users will gradually have each other during the return to normal, in addition to obtaining information on what would help them feel more secure when using transport.

2. Safer streets for everyone – Authorize the cities that received Open Street 2020 Scholarships to use these funds to create safer streets for the population. Create safe spaces for walking, cycling, or transporting yourself in other ways.

3. Create safe spaces – Test and implement new cleaning and sanitizing methods to take care of the health of users and staff. Making them publicly available will help inform and reassure users that they will have to decide their transportation method when the stay-at-home arrangements are changed.

4. Faster buses – Implement lanes for single use of buses. This will speed up travel and transportation time, giving users more excellent reliability.

5. Distribution of mouth covers for users – Following security measures and taking care of our users.

6. Match service to demand – Restoring the service that is used most frequently, leaving the option of boarding through the rear doors to maintain distance.

7. Work from home – Continue promoting in companies that every effort be made to keep people working from home.

8. Automatic payment – Implement an option to purchase and pay for tickets through the Metro application, to reduce contact and speed up transportation.

9. Restructure projects – Review old plans to see which ones will generate the most positive impact under the circumstances.

10. Greater use of bicycles – Analyze options to improve the Metro BikeShare program, with the aim of opening more locations.

11. Houses for everyone – Increase the number of social services to help give Metro users who are homeless a home.

12. New mobility services for the future – Expand alternative services following new models, such as micro-transit and mobility on demand contracts.

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