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Medical Negligence and Birth Injuries

Having a child is an occasion full of excitement, stress, and happiness. In all this process, the last thing you want to hear is that the baby has an injury caused by childbirth complications or inadequate prenatal care management. Depending on the cause, this injury can be considered medical negligence.

To start with the case, one must know the difference between a congenital disability and an injury. A congenital disability is an unavoidable condition during the birthing process. For example, when the baby suffers cerebral palsy from lack of oxygen in childbirth. This is considered a defect since, in some deliveries, it cannot be avoided.

A birth injury occurs to the baby during delivery due to complications or medical negligence. Not all injury lawsuits result in a successful legal claim because even if the doctor has done the entire process correctly, these injuries can still occur. When the damage was caused by medical negligence, it is a clear indication to take the corresponding actions and start the lawsuit since you have the right to receive compensation for the damage caused to the newborn.

We must bear in mind that this type of lawsuit can be directed at doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, the hospital as a company, or all those involved in childbirth. Even if the injury resulted from a prescribed medicine, action could be taken against the producing pharmaceutical company under the product’s liability law.

For every 1000 babies born, five will be injured during delivery. Although the probability of babies being injured during childbirth is low, you should always be aware of these types of cases to be prepared and take the best actions, thus receiving the compensation you deserve.

Due to the nature of a situation like this, our best advice is to carry out this process with an expert’s help. At Nourmand Legal, we have a dedicated team with extensive experience and trajectory so that you can receive the best solution for your case.

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