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Most Common Injuries Among Restaurant Patrons

Restaurant owners, like the owners of any other type of public property, have the responsibility to maintain and ensure that their facilities are free of risks and dangers for the people who visit them. This is legally known as Facilities Liability, and failure to comply with this can lead to accidents, and consequently, penalizations for owners or managers.

The most common accidents that occur in a restaurant are slip and fall accidents, either because some liquid has been spilled somewhere in the restaurant or because there are obstacles or uneven floors on the paths that customers walk. It is the responsibility of the owners or managers to keep the paths clear of obstacles and to notify customers in the event of a situation such as a spill or a breakdown.

If you or a loved one have been involved in such an accident, call us for advice. Slip and fall accidents may seem like a simple thing, but they can have serious health consequences for the victims.

In the case of filing a claim for Facilities Liability, we must prove that the restaurant owner was aware of the existence of danger or risky conditions. The people who work in these businesses know that they must regularly check the facilities, including the bathrooms, to make sure that everything is working correctly and that the customers do not have any mishap.

We will help you obtain compensation for damages that cover everything that the accident has brought as a consequence, such as medical expenses, lost days of work, future lost wages, pain, and suffering.

In some cases, you can also have injuries as a result of foreign objects found in food, such as stones, glass, metal, which can hurt your teeth and mouth, as well as your jaw. These foreign objects can also cause considerable damage to your throat, intestines, stomach, etc. when swallowed.

You must have a lawyer specialized in the matter to advise you and explain the options and steps to follow. Call us at Nourmand Legal to make an appointment. We are waiting for you!

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