Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are a quick and convenient way to get around, especially in Southern California.

Lane-splitting means you can always get to the front of a line of traffic, and parking options nearly always available. All of that being said, motorcycles can also be extremely dangerous. When you are on a motorcycle, there is no barrier of protection between you and the road. Injuries following a motorcycle accident are nearly always significant, which means that personal injury cases following motorcycle accidents often have a lot at stake.

How we handle motorcycle accidents

Like with automobile accidents, the first step is getting you well. We encourage all of our motorcycle accident clients to seek quality healthcare and ongoing rehabilitation. We then build a case that the other driver involved in the accident was at fault for your injuries. Most automobile drivers fail to check properly for motorcycle riders, which results in a high rate of accidents. We will prove that negligence caused your accident. We will then interface with the insurance companies, and fight hard to secure your maximum damages. Our goal is to restore you back to your original health, and for you to pay absolutely nothing in the process.

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What you should know about handling a motorcycle accident

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, catastrophic injury is more likely than in a standard automobile accident. You will likely need immediate and emergency medical care. If you are able to gather any information at the scene, we recommend prioritizing the following items: