Pedestrian Accidents

Walking is a great way to get around. It is healthy, free, environmentally friendly, and accessible for the entire year here in our beautiful Southern California weather.

However, Los Angeles is very much a motor-city, so pedestrian amenities may not be great and drivers are not always vigilant about checking for pedestrians as they navigate the city from their cars. Pedestrian accidents happen, and they often lead to significant personal injury. In the state of California pedestrians who are struck by vehicles are almost never at fault, but that doesn’t stop insurance companies from trying to lay the blame on the injured party.

How we handle pedestrian accidents

We always approach pedestrian accidents from the viewpoint that the driver involved was behaving negligently. We will support you, your recovery, and your claim steadfastly, and we will fight aggressively to get your damages secured. We encourage all pedestrian accident victims to seek immediate healthcare, and to spare no expense in recovery, because we will fight ruthlessly to make sure that none of that cost comes out of your pocket. We will build a strong case for you based on traffic laws and evidence, we will interface with the insurance companies, and we will maximize your compensation.

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What you should know about handling a pedestrian accident

In many pedestrian accidents, the driver’s insurance companies will try to prove that the pedestrian was acting recklessly or unlawfully. In order to combat that argument, there are several favors you can do yourself right at the scene of the accident: