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Safety Advantages of Sitting in the Front Seat vs The Back | Nourmand Legal | Accident Attorneys

Safety Advantages of Sitting in the Front Seat vs The Back

Most people think that the back seat is safer than the front seat in a car accident. This has been believed for many years, and perhaps that was the case in the past. However, researchers have recently conducted several studies to test this theory and confirm whether this remains true.

Technology has advanced tremendously, especially in the automotive area. Safety tests are continually being carried out to determine what improvements need to be made, which car is safer, and in which seat and in which way passengers are best protected. Research conducted by the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) showed how much front seat safety in a car has improved.

Seat belts have advanced in their design, shape, and function. That, coupled with the fact that all cars must have airbags that all vehicles in the United States, keeps the passengers in front safer in a crash.

Unfortunately, the same has not happened with back seat safety, which is still extremely basic in comparison. The IIHS has asked automakers to address this discrepancy and create safety features and mechanisms that can match the front seats.

In the rear, people only have the seat belt, which is tightened at the time of a crash. Although it also has a mechanism to have a little give in cases where the belt can do more damage, many injuries and fatalities are still observed from the pressure that the seat belt exerts on the chest, abdomen, and even the spine.

This factor is worth remembering in terms of older people riding in the front seats, where they will undoubtedly be more protected.

This does not mean that safety in the rear of the cars is low, but rather that great emphasis has been placed on increasing the front end’s safety due to frontal crashes that end in devastating situations. It is important to remember that driving safely can save our lives. If you have an accident or need help and legal advice, at Nourmand Legal, we are here to serve you. Call us!

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