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The importance of lights for bicyclists for day and night

Every day, more people are beginning to use bicycles as a means of transport and as a way to exercise and stay fit. It is also an excellent activity to enjoy a nice day with family and friends; however, cyclists can face many risks along the way.

California is home to more than 14.5 percent of the nation’s bicyclists, and while the city of Los Angeles has 28,000 miles of drivable lanes on its streets and avenues, only 0.6 percent of these are safe for bicyclists to travel.

There are some recommendations that cyclists can follow to stay as safe as possible and thus avoid accidents. Some of them are keeping an eye out for cars around you at all times, wearing bright clothing, making sure your gear is in good condition, and above all, obeying all traffic laws, just like any other driver would.

Today we will talk about one more recommendation: Bicyclists should be sure to put lights on their bikes and use them both day and night.

Currently, California law requires bicyclists to have a headlight on when riding at night; this lamp shall emit a white light that can be seen up to 300 feet away. In addition, bicyclists are required to have a red reflector or flashing red light at the rear to make them more visible to other drivers. However, it has been found that also using the lights during the day can make a big difference – regardless of how much light there is – and prevent accidents.

Here are some of the benefits of keeping your bike lights on during the day:

– Increase your visibility. This is one of the ways in which you can increase the likelihood that other drivers will see you, regardless of what color of clothing you may be wearing. Keeping the lights on is also a practice that is becoming more and more common among motorists.

– Prepare for bad weather. Should the weather change during your trip, whether it’s rainy, foggy, or even if it gets dark earlier, you’ll be prepared for any eventuality.

– Use high-tech lights. Currently, lighting technology has also advanced a lot. For example, you can choose the intensity of your lights according to the type of route you have to cross during your trip.

If you ever suffer a bicycle accident or traffic accident of any kind, It is essential to contact a specialized attorney to provide legal advice. Call us! We will be happy to go over your situation with you.


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