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The NHTSA Recommends Driver Assistance Technologies for Road Safety?

We know that some of the recommendations that we should all follow as basic rules to be safer when driving are: the use of the belt, not going beyond the allowed speed, not being drunk or under the influence of any substance, not driving distracted, and respect the traffic rules.

In these modern times we have new technologies that can help us to drive even more safely and that can be very useful for any driver. Today in our blog we mention some of these technologies recommended by the NHTSA, visit it for more information.

Technology never ceases to amaze us. There are more and more advances that we can observe in almost all types of industries and that facilitate the lives of people and companies.

Some of these technologies can already be found in our vehicles, and others are being continuously developed that can help us drive in a safer way, avoid accidents and that on our roads we have these types of tools that can alert us to certain dangers.

Although some of these technologies are already known, NHTSA recommends the following safety features that can be very useful when driving:

–         Rear cameras: They help a lot when throwing a car in reverse, giving greater visibility of any object, person or vehicle that can be found in the back of the vehicle. The rear cameras will be a common function in new cars from the month of May.

–         Systems that alert us to a frontal collision: There are some systems that emit an audible warning signal in case we can run the risk of a crash from the front. Some of these systems have the feature of being able to activate the brakes, or give them greater strength if necessary to avoid a collision.

–         Technology that warns us when a car is deviating from another lane: This technology is moving towards an assistance function that will automatically turn the steering wheel so that the car is back in its lane.

–         Automatic lights: This function automatically changes to the low lights when a car approaches, returning to the high lights when it passes us.

–         Emergency pedestrian brakes: This system detects any pedestrian that can cross in front of the car and immediately activates the brakes to avoid a crash.

These are just some of the security technologies to handle that we can mention. Every year, many people die as a result of a car accident and studies show that many of them are due to human failures.

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