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Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe from Heat Stroke

Young children require the attention of their parents or guardians at each site. We are most likely more mentally prepared to take care of them in the park, home, school, and other places that they usually frequent, but in vehicles, we often forget they require attention.

Summer can come with overwhelming temperatures, which can soar as high as 95 degrees in California. In closed places without ventilation, the probability of death from heatstroke increases. A healthy adult can endure for a long time in such conditions. However, heatstroke can affect a child’s body in a matter of minutes. This is because their body temperature rises much faster than that of an adult.

Given this risk, officials call for awareness regarding measures to check our vehicles before getting out. Focused on our day-to-day, it isn’t uncommon to forget that we have to leave our children at daycare on the way to work. The important thing is that we think about the life and health of our little ones in advance to prevent situations that we may regret.

The first tip, and the one that practically works the best, is to open the back door of your vehicle every time you park, thus avoiding leaving a child or pet in the back seat. Once this becomes a habit, there will be practically nothing to worry about.

Another measure to take is that, if you are with a child, properly secure him or her in their special seat and leave an object next to them that is necessary for you in the place where you go. It can be your employee ID, phone, briefcase, even a jacket; this way, you will feel obliged to check the rear of your vehicle.

You can also coordinate with the person in charge at the nursery to contact you if the child has not arrived (and you left him in your vehicle). Another way is to set a reminder on your phone to mentally check whether or not you took him to daycare.

Surely these measures will give you peace of mind and guidance to take care of your little ones. In Nourmand, we care about you and them.

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