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What is Loss of Consortium?

When a person is involved in a serious accident, with significant injuries or even death, the family can also go through great loss regarding different aspects of the life they previously shared with the victim.

One of the terms that we can find within the area of ​​personal injury is “loss of consortium.” Loss of consortium refers to a legal process that a spouse can initiate due to their marriage or domestic relationship being affected or interrupted due to an accident suffered by the victim. It refers to the loss of company, the lifestyle shared with that person, loss of sexual activity and/or loss of the ability to have children. It also includes any emotional loss that may result from the accident.

Some people who have been victims of personal injury can not only experience physical injuries; in some cases, they can develop post-traumatic stress disorder, stress, anguish, depression, etc.

Other examples of loss of consortium may include:

  • The death of the spouse. Losing your life partner can be one of the most difficult experiences a person can face. The suffering that this causes to the spouse, in addition to other aspects, may make him/her eligible for compensation for damages.
  • Injuries that cause temporary or permanent inability in the spouse to face daily activities. The incapability to take care of the house, go to work, cook, take care of children, and other activities such as traveling, playing sports with spouse or family, etc., can create a tremendous imbalance in the environment and dynamics of a home, which can have not only economic consequences but also emotional for the rest of the family.
  • Reduction in the ability to have a healthy and active relationship that is emotionally satisfying for both members of the couple.

If the relationship is affected in any way, you can talk to an experienced lawyer who can guide you as to the process that must be followed. The affected spouse must take legal action separately, in addition to that of the victim, to obtain compensation for his or her own suffering and losses.

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