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Winter Weather Road Safety Tips

The decrease in temperatures we experience in winter, not only have an effect on us, but on our roads. Snowstorms, rain, strong winds, fog, ice and frozen surfaces can affect any nervous driver responsible for having to make a journey under these conditions. Unfortunately, almost half a million accidents and about 2,000 deaths occurred each winter. Drivers are aware of safety regulations to face emergencies on the roads during this time of year.

Here are some tips and recommendations that can help us deal with these types of situations:

1. There is no leaving your house unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.

2. Keep your car in good condition and make sure the tires are well calibrated and are not very worn.

3. Keep some provisions in your car, stories like: water bottles, warm clothes, blankets, a flashlight, something to clean glass, and medicines, among others.

4. Make sure your gas tank is always full or at least half full at all times.

5. Drive slowly. Do not brake or accelerate abruptly, take your time. It is better to arrive safely at your destination than not to arrive.

6. Check the weather conditions before leaving.

7. Keep a good distance between your car and the one in front.

8. Don’t drive tired. If you feel you are overstepping, stop and take a break before continuing.

9. Let your loved ones know about your destination, the time it will take you to get there and the route you have chosen to follow. Stay in touch with them whenever possible.

10. Check that your brakes are always in good condition.

These are just some tips that can help you be a little more prepared in case of any eventuality. Remember as always, wear your seat belt while the vehicle is in motion, and ensure that passengers do too.

We hope you have a pleasant trip and that you return home healthy with your love ones. Good trip!

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