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Can I sue my dentist?

If your dentist performed a bad dental procedure, leaving you injured or damaged, it could be considered medical negligence. This means that you are within your rights to sue under personal injury law. Before you begin your case, you should assess whether you have substantial grounds and evidence.

To get started, you need to determine if the lawsuit is the right path to follow. For this, you need to consider if the dentist followed the agreed-upon procedure or performed a procedure without your approval; or if you have temporary damage or permanent damage. It is essential to have the opinions and analysis of professionals in the same area to establish the case.

If you decide to continue, the next step is to collect all relevant information. We can define four key elements to be able to build a strong case:

  •  It must be established that the patient has a professional relationship with the dentist, usually proven through receipts, appointments, confirmations, and payments.
  • Determine that the procedure the dentist performed was not correct. It helps a lot to have the opinions of other dentists to have a comparison regarding practices. Likewise, you must have all the exams performed, x-rays, and a complete diagnosis of the procedure that the dentist performed.
  • If you have suffered an injury from the dentist’s procedure, it is considered medical negligence damages. To correctly determine the damage’s cost, you must consider the physical and emotional damage. 
  • You must file the claim within the established time for medical negligence, and you must prove the initial date using your medical appointment documents. Therefore, we advise you to start at a reasonable time to receive compensation for the damages caused as soon as possible.

The best action you can take is to entrust your case to experienced medical negligence attorneys. At Nourmand, we have the experience, professionalism, and knowledge to take your case and achieve the best possible result. Call us at (800) 550-9816 and don’t delay in taking action.

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