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Cost and compensation for a catastrophic injury? | Nourmand Legal | Accident Attorneys

Cost and compensation for a catastrophic injury?

When we speak of catastrophic injuries, we refer to those injuries caused by personal accidents that permanently affect the victims. As a result, they suffer severe consequences such as not returning to work and a deterioration in their quality of life. These accidents can be divided into three categories:

  • Internal injuries: the damage is caused inside the victim, for example, loss of sight, hearing loss, broken bones, internal bleeding, or damage to other organs.
  • External injuries: the damage is caused on the outside of the victim, for example, loss of limbs, burns, skin damage, and more.
  • Serious head, neck, and back injuries: These types of injuries usually have permanent consequences. Some examples are skull fracture, spinal cord injury, and injuries that can cause paralysis of any kind.

Due to these accidents’ complexity, calculating the cost of compensation becomes of vital importance for the victim since this will determine how they will live in the future. Within the insurance, the following requirements are established to determine the real cost of this accident:

  • Current and future medical expenses.
  • Home expenses. 
  • The cost of necessary modifications to the victim’s house to adapt it to their needs. 
  • Medical equipment required in the present and future.
  • Special transportation costs for the disabled.
  • Cost of psychological treatments.
  • Equipment costs to cover disability in the present and future.

With these requirements, you can determine the accident’s total cost and make a strong case, always looking for the best solution for the victim.

These cases’ compensations are usually very substantial because the severity of these accidents often changes the victims’ lives permanently. The form of compensation can come in two forms:

  • General damages: Includes all permanent damages, disabilities, job loss, and more.
  • Specific damages: Includes medical expenses, lost wages, cost of the necessary home and car modifications, etc.

If your life has changed due to a catastrophic accident and you want to achieve the best possible solution, you can entrust your case to NOURMAND LEGAL. We have professionals with extensive experience in this type of case committed to achieving the best settlement. Call us at (800) 550-9816.

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