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Governor Newsom's Proposal: Reduce Traffic Citations Fines for Low-Income Californians | Nourmand Legal | Accident Attorneys

Governor Newsom’s Proposal: Reduce Traffic Citations Fines for Low-Income Californians

Police Officer gives out a citation to a driver on the road

In Governor Gavin Newsom’s state budget proposal, he wants to reduce the cost of traffic fines by 50% for those with low incomes. This proposal has sparked a lot of controversy. The divided opinions of Californians lead us to think and question whether this measure is correct for the population. Some people agree to help those who need it most, since it would be much easier for them to pay the fines and avoid the probability of losing their license. Most consider that it’s a good idea to adapt to the economic situation of each individual, because not all of us have the same income.

However, we have those who disagree that there are differences when it comes to obeying the law. Especially when it comes to driving safely, something we are all obligated to do not only for our safety but for that of others. These people consider that reducing fines would not be fair, and that on the contrary, then the discounts should be for everyone.

The truth is that this measure would help not only low-income people not to fall into a criminal state by not paying their fines, but would greatly help the state to have an income that is often lost due to non-payment.

Last year, 3.6 million fines were issued, of which only 1.4 billion were collected, leaving 1.8 billion of unpaid debts. These drivers not only fall in a criminal state but in the possibility of having to stop driving when their license suspended.

Four counties in the state have already launched a pilot program to test this concept, including San Francisco and Ventura counties.


What do you think? Do you support or reject this project?

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