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How Toy Manufacturers Blame Parents When Their Products Injure Kids

One thing that worries parents the most is when one of their children becomes ill or injured. Having a sick child is a demanding and stressful situation, and no parent likes to see their children suffering. 

When we buy toys for our children, we believe that one of the reasons they are for sale in the market and divided according to age is that the manufacturers did their homework and conducted all the necessary research and testing to ensure that these toys are safe.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Did you know that in the United States, every three minutes, a child arrives at the emergency room due to an injury in which a toy was involved? In many cases, children are slightly injured and can go home soon after. However, there are severe cases where the children can end up with permanent damages and even die.

Aside from these terrifying statistics, we find situations where toy manufacturers and/or distributors blame parents for their children’s injuries. This is in order not to take responsibility and not have to pay any compensation that could help these parents and their children recover.

Here are some of the arguments toy companies can use in an attempt to avoid responsibility:

1. They did not supervise their children adequately. Even when parents constantly watch their children, accidents still happen. Mainly when toys include small parts that children can easily swallow or that can get stuck in their throat. Bicycles, rollerblades, or skateboards could easily fall apart, and the child ends up on the ground as a result. Of course, it is not the job of manufacturers to supervise children, but they are legally responsible for reducing the chances of children being injured by their products.

2. The child did not make good use of the toy. One of the things manufacturers must take responsibility for is the design of a toy. The design must have a specific reason that prevents it from being misused by children.

3. You brought the toy into your home. Of course, parents buy toys to take home to their children, obviously trusting that when they buy a toy in a store, they are also paying for all the research and tests that the manufacturer had to carry out, thus guaranteeing that the toy is safe.


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