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Risk factors that can cause accidents between vehicles and pedestrians

When driving, we must consider the vulnerability of pedestrians. The human body is very resistant, but the danger increases in the face of such powerful machines. A 30 mph vehicle collision with a pedestrian is equivalent to a fall from a 4th floor, with a survival probability of only 10%.

The statistics are worrying. In 2017, 5,977 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in the United States. In addition, approximately 137,000 received emergency medical attention after being involved in these types of accidents that same year. Pedestrians are 50% more likely to be fatally injured than the average passenger in a vehicle.

If we go to the root of the problem, there are several common factors regarding the risks and their victims. The first of these is that almost half (47%) of the accidents that result in the death of a pedestrian involve the consumption of alcohol by the driver or pedestrian. In one-third of these, the pedestrian has a high blood alcohol concentration. On the other hand, in 17% of them, it is the driver who has consumed alcohol.

The other condition of the victims is related to age. Adults over 65 years of age are 20% of all deaths from driver-pedestrian accidents, in addition to 10% of those injured who required medical attention. On the other hand, 20% of children under 15 who died in accidents were pedestrians.

Another undeniable risk factor is speeding. Under no circumstances is it justifiable to increase speed beyond what is allowed. This is one of the leading causes of such accidents because it blurs the driver’s vision and increases the severity of a potential injury. Many of these deaths occur in urban areas (higher population density, intersections, among many other elements).

That is why, from Nourmand, we advise you to cross through the pedestrian crossing or designated intersection. Please, use the sidewalks and avoid the use of headphones and electronic devices if you have consumed alcohol or drugs. These can cloud your judgment, and we want to do our best to help you stay safe and healthy.

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