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What are Some Non-Physical Injuries & Non-Economic Damages you can Sue for? | Nourmand Legal | Accident Attorneys

What are Some Non-Physical Injuries & Non-Economic Damages you can Sue for?

When suffering an accident in which there are personal injuries, or in which there may have been a death, as a result of the negligence of another person, a lawsuit must be filed so that the victim or his relatives obtain compensation for the damages caused. In both situations, two types of damages are considered: 1. economic damages, and 2. non-economic or non-physical damages.

The former frequently meet all the expenses that the victim or their relatives have to incur as a result of physical injuries, such as medical bills, property damage, rehabilitation expenses, medications, etc.

The second affected all those damages caused that cannot be measured through an amount of money. This is what we mean when we mention damage due to pain and suffering, mental anguish, stress, etc.

An accident can cause a total imbalance in the person, and not only in the physical aspect. During and after an accident you can feel a lot of anger, anxiety, anguish, fear and even humiliation when having to go through such a situation.

Emotional stress refers to emotional injuries that affect the person and that can go hand in hand with physical injuries, losing mobility, lifestyle, ability to work, and even loss of interest in living. But we also encounter situations such as the person developing a posttraumatic stress disorder, or even the loss of the company of a spouse that also brings many other issues to consider.

Both types of damages are of equal importance and must be taken into account to reach a fair agreement in which the victim or his family obtain the maximum compensation they deserve. Non-economic damages are more difficult to quantify, and are often determined by the judge or the jury. If you have suffered an accident that has had a major impact on your life, or that of a loved one, contact us so we can help you establish the things you should consider.

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