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What Do Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Do?

It is estimated that in 2019, approximately 6,700 pedestrians died as a result of various traffic accidents, and thousands of others were injured. That means that pedestrians continue to be very vulnerable to negligent drivers, lack of lighting at night, lack of roads in good walking conditions, among others.

A personal injury attorney often handles pedestrian accident lawsuits as well. As in any other accident, the attorney will be responsible for investigating all the circumstances surrounding the event. Your lawyer must determine how the accident occurred, the conditions in which it occurred, as well as the parties involved. Conducting this investigation is crucial to determining guilt, establishing and developing your case, and obtaining damages from the responsible party.

Other activities that your lawyer could carry out are:

  • Review of police reports. Your attorney will request a copy of the report that was made at the time of your accident.
  • Review of medical reports. He/she will also request a copy of any medical studies that have been performed on you after the accident. With this, your attorney will be able to determine the severity of your injuries, as well as the expenses that you will have to cover, and if you will be able to return to work immediately.
  • Interview potential witnesses who were at the scene of the accident.
  • Take or collect photographs of the place where it occurred, and if possible, of your injuries.
  • Review video footage from nearby cameras that may have captured the moment of the accident.
  • Recreate how the accident happened to determine the degree of responsibility of the people involved.
  • Carry out the procedures and negotiations with the insurance companies. Insurers can often be very aggressive and decisive when it comes to accepting an accident claim. Having an attorney will save you from dealing with these stressful situations, and their experience in this area will be invaluable.
  • Determine the amount of compensation to which you are entitled as a victim.  They will consider the present and future economic and non-economic expenses such as pain and suffering, emotional stress, and/or the loss of a loved one if the victim has died due to the accident.

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