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What is being proposed in the INVEST Act of 2020?

On June 3, the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee (T&I) of the House of Representatives published the INVEST in America Act. This is a new transportation bill that has been proposed to supplement the FAST Act. This Federal law currently governs the financing of transportation programs in the United States, including roads and other transportation infrastructure, and will expire in September.

This bill covers many significant issues we currently have, such as security, housing, climate change, and how transportation is handled and financed at the federal level.

The number of funds dedicated to roads and active transportation would increase considerably by up to 75%. They would be used in two programs that have the largest sources of federal funds for this purpose:

Transportation Alternatives and the Recreational Trails Program

The main point is to invest heavily in the different transport infrastructures to make the roads, highways, and streets safer for driving, walking, and cycling in a more equitable, secure, and convenient way for Americans.

The states of the country would obtain more money to improve transportation and reduce vehicular violence and aggression. However, you need to see how they maintain their existing highways and roads, to apply for and receive funds from some programs, before building new ones.

It will be quite a debate to see how strategies are developed to make traffic safer while meeting the challenge of keeping current infrastructure in good condition. Those states or cities with the highest pedestrian, motor vehicle, and bicycle accident fatality rates will have to consider these funds to develop new safety programs.

The INVEST law also addresses climate change by supporting the electric car market, a strategy with which the emissions produced by transport would decrease.

This proposed bill would bring a lot of innovation and significant changes to the transport of our country.

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