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What to do if you have an accident on your cruise ship vacation? | Nourmand Legal | Accident Attorneys

What to do if you have an accident on your cruise ship vacation?

When we plan our vacations, we usually think about places we would like to visit and the new things we want to experience. Of course, nobody plans a vacation thinking that they might have an accident in which they may be injured, so having one can turn our vacation into an absolute nightmare.

Cruise travel is an exhilarating adventure, and many people love it! However, have you thought about what could happen if a person were injured in the middle of the ocean? 

You’d be surprised to know how many accidents happen during these trips! It is estimated that 200 cruise ship deaths occur each year. Some of these deaths are due to natural causes, accidents, murders, or suicides, among other reasons. But, the number cannot be considered exact since many cruise companies do not reveal all their information.

Of course, cruise companies have different protocols in place in case of accidents and emergencies, but it is always important to know what to do in the event of an injury. Therefore, if one day you find yourself in such a situation, take the following steps:

Seek medical attention. Cruise companies have the personnel to attend to medical emergencies, and they are available 24/7. Notify the crew immediately of the accident so that you receive timely medical attention.

Gather all the evidence you can. If possible, take photos of the accident, the circumstances in which it happened, and your injuries. As in any other accident, evidence can be critical in determining liability.

Check your travel insurance policy. Whether you have purchased one before you travel or the cruise line has its own insurance, go through all the information related to accidents and injuries.

Get contact information. If there were any witnesses at the time of the accident, be sure to get their contact information. Witnesses can be critical in a personal injury lawsuit.

Do not accept responsibility. Cruise ship personnel will investigate the accident to understand what happened and determine liability. It is important that you do not accept any responsibility for the accident until you have spoken with an attorney. Determining liability is sometimes not as easy as we might think, and there are many things to consider.

If your accident and injury were the results of negligent action on the cruise line’s part, you might be entitled to compensation. Call us to review your case and see how we can help you.